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We believe in a future where work-life balance replaces grind and burnout culture. One where the possibilities and opportunities of remote work enable happy and healthy lives. One where ambitious entrepreneurs can enjoy their families, actually take vacations, and can be great leaders while they grow their businesses. 

Our Founder's Story

Learn more about what motivated Madi to create Building Remote

Building Remote started as an idea to create more opportunities through remote work.

The remote jobs I’ve held made a massive difference for myself and my family. I had access to opportunities through remote work that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

I have friends whose lives would be changed if they had options to work remotely and flexibly. Some with chronic illnesses, some raising families, some in locations where work is very limited.

I built Building Remote to make remote work possible for more people

I started this business while working full-time. Running a side hustle on top of a full-time job, while married and having two kids was a challenging time in my life. I learned how to manage, but it wasn’t without struggle. I built Building Remote to make remote work possible for more people and to teach them how to do remote right. We’ve already made a difference for the people we’ve worked with. And we’re just getting started.

- Madi Waggoner

Meet the team

We believe in bringing out each others’ strengths and unique qualities. Meet the team that makes us who we are.

Madi Waggoner

Founder & CEO

Christina Moica

Operations Manager

Gina Medranda

Lead Designer

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